The Lord is my shepherd. 

Psalm 23:1

I am divinely guided to right action in every experience of this day.  I know that true Wisdom is of God, and that It uses my consciousness as Its seat of operation.  God is the ‘shepherd” of my life, and this inner Mind and Love guide me into paths of perfection and ways of joy. God’s perfect action can never cease and can never be delayed.  Always, it guides me.  Always, it inspires me.  Always, it blesses and benefits me.

I rejoice in my inner Source of Truth, for it never fails me.  Each hour I am sustained by Truth.  Each moment I am led into right thinking.  Each instant I am inspired to do the loving thing, to speak the loving word.  Because I follow the guidance of the Spirit within me, I am a blessing to my fellowman.

Infinite Mind sustains me at every moment.  I never fear indecision, for Divine ideas lead me aright.  There is a power born of God which indwells me, upholds me and guides me.  I am receptive to It and am blessed and benefited by it.  Divine inspiration is upon me, and I rejoice in Its wise instruction. I am powerful in my decisions, and the Law produces my good.

God in me knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  I am now one with God, and this full knowledge is now mine.  I am free from all uncertainty, for my God delivers every idea to me at the instant of time I need it.  “The Lord is my shepherd” and I let my inner Lord control my mind, discipline my emotions and keep straight my affairs.  All doubt is destroyed; Truth is revealed.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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