Spiritual Education Events at UP Church

Winter/Spring Classes Begin January 22, 2023

Atom Smashing Power of the Mind – Sundays 3-4:30 p.m. PT

Are you a Truth student who is ready a deeper study of metaphysics? Join this powerful course where we go deeper than New Thought catch phrases to a true understanding of the spiritual principles working under all of creation.

Instructor: John Downey, III

Text for the class: Atom Smashing Power of the Mind by Charles Fillmore (Amazon)

Bible Study – Bible 2: Learning Metaphysical Bible Interpretation – Tuesdays 6-7:30 p.m. PT

You will be taught the unique interpretation given to the scriptures by New Thought Christians. Metaphysical (Allegorical) Bible Interpretation allows you as a New Thought Christian student to investigate the Bible beyond its superficial meaning to discover wisdom for your soul transformation. You will learn to look at life through a lens that will allow you to penetrate the material world and identify the spiritual truths that are in you and all around you.

Instructor: Rev. Sheree Thompson

Required Text: The Hidden Mysteries of the Bible by Jack Addington (Amazon)

Prerequisite: Bible 1. (Email revsheree@upchurch.org if you did not take Bible 1 but desire to take Bible 2)

Lent 2023: Your Destiny is Calling

Lent begins on February 22, 2023

Registration Opens Soon!