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Week 4: Adventure in Faith – Move Into Your Promised Land


Joshua 6:17-19 17) “The city and everything in it are to be proscribed for the LORD; only Rahab the harlot is to be spared, and all who are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers we sent. 18) But you must beware of that which is proscribed, or else you will be proscribed, if you take anything from that which is proscribed, you will cause the camp of Israel to be proscribed, you will bring calamity upon it. 19) All the silver and gold and objects of copper and iron are consecrated to the LORD; they must go into the treasury of the LORD.

Sermon Thesis

Before you can possess your Promised Land, you must cultivate and maintain self-discipline.

Sermon Notes

Understanding#1: Obedience is the fruit of self-discipline.

Understanding#2: Self-discipline is self-imposed.

Understanding#3: Self-discipline makes you a match for your Promised Land.

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