Worshiping in Color – Speaker: Pastor Greg Stamper

Sunday Worship Experience – November 15, 2020

Speaker Meet & Greet

SPEAKER MEET & GREET [NOV 15th 2:30PM Pacific]: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87042756851

Guest Speaker

Pastor Greg Stamper [https://www.celebrationsc.org/]

Sermon Title

Welcome to the CIA

Speaker Bio

Pastor Greg Stamper is the Co-Founder/Co-Pastor of Celebration Spiritual Center in Brooklyn, NY.

He is an ordained interfaith minister, fourth-generation preacher, recording artist, life coach, author, and entrepreneur.

Pastor Greg is the creator of the 90 Days To Greatness (90DTG) coaching program which is designed to support those who want to use spiritual/metaphysical principles to create and live their greatest lives without becoming a monk and retreating from daily life.

As a dedicated practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation technique® (TM), Greg is a tireless advocate of this effortless practice which not only promotes personal health and well-being but also has the potential to cultivate global healing and world peace.

In the private sector Greg has 20+ years in Information Technology and Systems Administration. Currently he serves as the Senior IT Manager for WITNESS, a global human rights organization founded by musician Peter Gabriel and based in Brooklyn.

Greg has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and is 2018 New Thought Walden Award honoree in Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding.

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