Lesson Sermon – Rev. Sheree Thompson

Sermon Title: No Ways Tired

Scripture: Daniel 3

Peeling back the layers

King Nebuchadnezzar = Your human will backed by the intellect. The mindset that makes decisions based on facts. Ego-centric thinking.

The Golden Statue = The projection of your ego-centric beliefs.

The Music = Your inner and outer conversation.

The Fire = Change

Radical Imagination: Tapping into the infinite possibility of God without a blueprint, without qualifiers and without limits.

Peeling back the layers

Meshach = Love and “Godlikeness.”

Shadrach = Your knowledge that you are the channel of all power, wisdom and truth into manifestation.

Abednego = Light and understanding; Realizing the Christ as a very present and efficient deliverer and help right now.

From Hidden Powers for Human Problems by Frederick Bailes

from the text…
The parent thought accepted becomes a magnet to attract to itself similar thoughts. It grows in strength by feeding upon similar experiences, the memories of which fall into the deeper levels of mind and gravitate to the parent thought until a considerable history of frustration and delay has formed.

This in turn leads into an unconscious expectation that it is no use setting one’s heart too strongly upon anything since we shall probably be hindered from getting it. Thus, a belief in obstruction and delay
is built, which lies deep within even when we imagine we do not have anything
of the sort.

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  1. I will not BOW down! God is the Power that fuels me! I dare to imagine the eradication of Racism. Carolyn R Scribner

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