Lesson Sermon: Rev. Sherri James
Title: How to Get Your Stuff Out of Spiritual Escrow

Sermon Notes


Matthew 6:33 “Seek first God’s kingdom…”

Point #1: Desire is God tapping at the door of your soul.

Point #2: You must become a vibrational match with your good.

Point #3: Becoming a vibrational match for your god requires you to surrender and trust.

Point #4: Substance is the essence of God, out of which all things are made.

Point #5: Nothing can derail a train of thought from manifesting EXCEPT a competing train of thought…from you.

Point #6: Negative thinking blocks your ability to see and experience the Substance of God.

Point #7: Seek first the kingdom [aka the Substance of God]. Point #8 The pursuit of things keeps your good in spiritual escrow.

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