If you keep your body as it should be, and look only at the one thing, the Harmony of Heaven will come to you.


Your body is a temple of the living Spirit.  It is spiritual substance.  Since the Spirit of God has entered into your being, your life is spiritual.  The Supreme Being, ever present, exists at the very center of your thought.  This Presence within you has the power to make all things new.  Say:

The perfect Life of God is in and through me, in every part of my being.

As the sun dissolves the mist, so my acceptance of Life dissolves all pain and discord.

I am free because the Spirit of Life in me is perfect.

It remolds and recreates my body after the likeness of the Divine pattern of body which exists in the Mind of God.

Even now the living Spirit is flowing through me.

I open wide the doorway of my consciousness to Its influx.

I permit this physical body to receive the living Spirit in every action, function, cell and organ.

I know that my whole being manifests the life, love, peace, harmony, strength and joy of the Spirit which indwells me, which is incarnated in me, which is my entire being.

I open my consciousness to the realization that all the Power and Presence there is clothes me in Its eternal embrace; that the Spirit forever imparts Its life to me.

I know that the Spirit within me is my strength and my power.    

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