Since the only life you can have is the Life of the Spirit within you, you need but permit Its radiance to flow through your thought into self-expression.  You are surrounded by a dynamic force, a great surge of living power.  You are immersed in and saturated with the vital essence of Life.  Its presence permeates everything, binding all together in one complete whole.


Because my whole being is the Life of God in me, I have nothing to fear.

Everyone I meet is part of the same Wholeness in which I live.

Every person I meet is a center of the great unity in which I live.

It is this center of Life that I meet in all persons.

It is this unity in and through all that I respond to.

I cannot wish anyone harm, nor does anyone desire to harm me.

Through my consciousness of love, which is the very essence of goodness, I transform any apparent imperfection into the perfect idea of true being.

I am knowing people as God knows them.

I am seeing everything as God must see it.

His Law is written in my mind and felt in my heart.

I see God everywhere.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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