The Lord reigneth. Let the earth rejoice; let the multitudes of isles be glad thereof. 

Psalm 97: 1

Our mental attitudes are our most priceless possessions.  No material security is actually secure, but the deep issues of our thought can make or unmake us.  Like the Psalmist of old, we should realize that our world is of God, therefore its essential nature must be good.  That which seemly opposes us in the world can be overcome and dissolved by right thinking, if our motives are right.  This universe is our field of opportunities.  It is the great laboratory in which he who knows the power of mind can work miracles.  It says unto us that we can have and become whatever we desire, providing we can establish great ideas within our subjective areas of consciousness.  To look out upon our world and expect only good from it is true spiritual living.  Then, security is assured for our own right mental attitudes will produce it.  The Intelligence that created us requires our co-operation with the laws of right thinking based on right motives.

I behold my world today as the expression of God’s Intelligence.  Everywhere I walk this day, I walk in the presence of Good.  Everyone I meet today, in business or at home, is the incarnation of Spirit.  I joyously co-operate with the good in every man.  I look out upon my world as God does and call it good.  I expect today to be a day of fulfillment.  I dedicate my thoughts to God’s Ideas and walk through His world seeing only that which is perfect, loving and beautiful.  The Glory of God fills my world and all the people in it.  I rejoice in this day, for in it shall I find more of Truth than I have ever known before.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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