That in which he findeth the supreme delight which the Reason can grasp beyond the sense, wherein established he moveth not from the reality; Which having been obtained, he thinketh there is no greater gain beyond it; wherein established, he is not shaken even by heavy sorrow.

The Bhagavad-Gita            

I know that the Perfect Life of the Spirit is my life, and I now permit It to radiate through my world of thought and action – to express in my physical form.  As I relax my body, consciously and definitely – which I am able to do by mentally relaxing and dropping all strain – I feel flowing through me a vital energy, a dynamic force, a great surge of living power.  I feel immersed in and saturated by a vital Essence of Perfection, which brings me into tune with life.

Today I let God’s Life live itself through me.  I permit it to flow through me to others that heaven shall be joined with earth, that the Divine shall blend with the human, that love shall conquer fear, and a little child shall lead them.

Because my whole being is this perfect God-Life, I have nothing to fear. Every person that I meet recognizes the love and peace and wisdom and courage within me.  Each person I meet feels our common bond, knows that we are a part of the perfect Whole, harmonious centers in the great Unity of Life, and so has faith in me.  No one could wish to harm or hurt me in any way.  I, too, can know only love and understanding for my fellow beings.  I know, because I am God-like, God in expression, that every circumstance I find myself in, is right for me.  Through my consciousness of Love, which is the very Essence of God-Life, I transform any seeming imperfection into the perfect idea of my True Self.  God knows me only as a Perfect Idea, and that Perfection I now manifest.  His Law is written in my heart and I delight to do His will.

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