nov-5-2015I drop all sense of lack or limitation from my thought and every belief which I have ever had in lack or fear.  I now have a belief in success and faith.  I permit the Spirit within me to express Itself in perfect freedom, bringing increasing joy into my experience. There is that within me which is completely conscious of its unity with Good, of its oneness with all the Power there is and all the Presence there is and all the Life there is.  Upon this Power, Presence and Life, I depend with implicit certainty, with complete confidence and with absolute assurance.

There is a divine circulation flowing through me.  The vitality and the energy of life flow through my every act.  I am seeing in everyone around me the manifestation of perfect life.  I am letting my mind dwell on joy and happiness, and I am knowing that this joy and happiness go out to others.

I allow the Divine Wholeness to flow through me into ever-widening fields of activity.  Every good which I have ever experienced is now increased tenfold.  Every joy which I have ever experienced is now multiplied.  There is a new influx of inspiration into my thought.  I see more clearly than ever before that my Divine birthright is freedom, joy and eternal goodness.  I perceive this same birthright is bequeathed to all people.  All power is delivered unto me and this power I use for my own and every other man’s good.  This Divine Presence interprets Itself to me in love and friendship.  Peace, joy and goodness are mine now and forever.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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