Jun 04 2015“Religion in the mind is not credulity, and in practice is not form.  It is a life.  It is the order and soundness of a man.  It is not something else to be got, to be added, but is a new life of those faculties you have.  It is to do right.”  Emerson

The world would have me tarry in the old, the traditional and the past.  But, the Infinite urges me forward, bidding me to keep pace with the fresh ideas emerging from the Divine Mind.  The truth is ever new to me.  Today’s inspiration is God’s action urging me to do a creative work.  Within me now is the order and soundness of God’s man.  I need add nothing more to my wisdom, for His Mind is mine, and I now produce good works.  I practice my knowledge of God.  I give factual evidence of my faith.  Whoever sees me this day sees the Spirit at work through me.  I do the right and loving thing.

The years ahead are bright with promise.  They will be to me what I cause them to be.  I can repeat the past, or I can create new and better experiences.  God wants me to do the latter, and I now resolve to do it.  If God is forever making all things new, the He is forever making me a new person.  This constant improvement is now the basis of my thinking.  I think and act today in accordance with my plan for the future.  My present faith in Good brings that Good upon my pathway.  Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be heaven on earth.  No longer chained by the past, I freely create a new heaven and a new earth.

My religion is of today, for my God is present today.  I acknowledge Him in all my ways, and follow His mind to direct my paths. Right now I am a spiritual being, and I never shall be less.  New Ideas are the foundation of my life today, and I am their living today representative.  God walks as man through the affairs of my world, and I am that man of God.  All power is mine to use.  All blessings are mine to share.  I am victorious over the past, and I am radiant with the possibilities of the now.  I open my whole being to the next great Good that is even now appearing in my experience.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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