gratitude-potential-graphics-for-_gratitude_-the-art-of-raising-your-wealth-consciousness_Take the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge:

1) Every morning affirm: “Something insanely amazing will happen to me today.”

2) Believe in miracles. Miracles are things working out perfectly.  Believe in miracles and blessings will happen for you

3) Share 3 unique things that you are grateful for each day in the comments below, on UP’s Gratitude Wall—

Post each day of the 21-Day Challenge for a special acknowledgement at the end!

119 thoughts on “Thank and Grow Rich – 21 Day Gratitude Challenge

  1. Grateful for the unsung Sheros and Heros who advocate 24/7 for individuals with sickle cell disease. (2) Grateful for the hand of God moving in my nephews’ lives thank you for helping them understand their purpose (3) Grateful to God for an amassing day a gift of health gift of family and friends and just grateful to Be and servr

  2. 1. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep. I woke up this morning feeling deeply rested and knowing that something insanely good is going to happen for me!
    2. I’m so thankful that Jordan and I were able to visit Descanso Gardens’ Enchanted Forest and experience the amazing Christmas light show.
    3. I’m super grateful for Jordan and the chance to be a mom!
    – Rev. Sherri

  3. This day I am grateful for the breath of life and blood running freely through my vain, my Mon woke this morning and in her right mind and able to move freely with no pain. All my spiritual teachers who partake in my spiritual growth who challenged me to do your best. For the men and women who help keep our streets clean and deliver our mail daily.

  4. #1 – For the SAG national principle commercial audition I had TODAY. #2 – That I have a flexible job in TV that allows me to pursue my passion to be a working actor!! #3 – that I was able to accomplish ALL the goals I set for myself today including setting appointment TOMORROW for a very important task I need to cross off my list as DONE!!

  5. 1) I am grateful for my heart that beats every second without fail, no matter what! I named my heart “She She”…it felt endearing and she has been there from the beginning! Even when I as born “prematurely” and she stopped and I was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Oakland where I spent a month, she was revived and has been completely healthy since!

    2) I am grateful for the peace in my home. I realize now that feeling I thought was in the previous place is actually a feeling I’m radiating. My home is Casa de Warm Hug!

    3) I am grateful for UP Church! I am no longer afraid of re-committing to a church community. The family at UP Church are just that…FAMILY!! Thank you for embracing this preachèr’s kid!

  6. I am grateful for my husband, my children, my grandchildren and my great grand children.
    I am grateful for their good health and God’s protection over them daily.
    I am grateful for a cozy loving home, where I can rest, relax, and rejuvenate daily.

  7. Day 2:
    1. I’m so thankful for the heated electric blanket that kept me toasty all night long. It may be cold outside but I didn’t notice.

    2. I’m grateful for a healthy body. I AM continually healthy and disease free!

    3. I’m triply grateful for those delicious thanksgiving leftovers I finished off last night. Absolute perfection even 4 days later!

    – Rev. Sherri

  8. I am thankful that I have a wonderful car to get to work today. I am thankful that I have a job that is helping me to meet all my financial needs. I am thankful for my friends around the country that have reached out to my kids.

  9. Even though my dog pass away last night, I am grateful for his unconditional love. I need to exhibit his behavior towards others. It was a pleasure to experience such a beautiful loving soul.

    I am grateful for the support I have received from so many people this year. I am especially grateful for my child hood friends that came through for me.

    I am grateful for insights I developed as a result of the resistance I encountered this year. It has helped me grow.

  10. I am grateful for my business partner who gives me insight with his application of spiritual discernment.

    I am grateful for my dreamality class that keeps giving direct access to tools that assist me in my challenges that change constantly.

    I am grateful for my overall health and well being

  11. Thankful for my warm shelter, thankful for my beautiful children, and thankful for my resourcefulness to pull what I need out the ether and into reality

  12. Day 2

    I am grateful for:
    1) A beautiful November day
    2) The opportunity today to attend a beautiful memorial service for my uncle
    3) The opportunity to speak my truth

  13. Day 3: This day I am grateful for the “Breath” of Life , being able to feel the changing seasons upon my face. (2) Grateful for the ability to care for myself daily and aid those around me. (3) I am grateful for the opportunity to free my mind and grow and recognize the truth of God.

  14. I am grateful for my eyes, I can see all of God’s wonderful creations. When I left church on Sunday there was a beautiful rainbow. It reminded me of God’s promises and His unconditional Love. I reflect on the beauty of the rainbow in my meditation this week
    I am grateful for my job where I express God in my work and being a light for those who need me.
    I am grateful for my co-workers and how we are able to work as a team to accomplish good, have fun and help others at the same time.

  15. I am thankful for my biological family; sister, brother, grandchildren, nieces, nephews.
    I am thankful for my spiritual family and those with like minds,
    I am thankful for a healthy, sound mind.

  16. 1)I am grateful for grace! There are so many areas where a different outcome could’ve taken place were it not for Grace and her twin, Mercy!

    2) I am grateful for transportation! I named my car, Red Sasha, and she has been faithful! I remember when I had to walk or ride the bus and train.

    3) I am grateful for mobility of my body. For those times when I did have to walk or ride the bus, I was able to do so with ease. I just stopped and noticed my mobility.

  17. 11/29 – I am grateful for a lunch invitation from a co-worker acknowledging my work. I am grateful for the joy I felt seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. I am grateful for perfect timing picking up my son from practice.
    Rev. Sheree

  18. Day 3:

    1. I’m grateful for a little extra time this morning. I got to sleep in by an extra 20 minutes.
    2. I’m grateful that Jordan has a buddy – Jackson. And he’s always excited to play with him.
    3. I’m grateful for my inner strength. I’m unmoved by negative appearances.

    – Rev. Sherri

  19. I am thankful that I am off from work today. I get to rest and heal. I am thankful that I was able to buy my kids airline tickets to come home for Christmas this year. I am also thankful for a friend referring me to a well paying teaching assignment.

  20. Day 4:
    I am grateful this day for Each moment of Breath
    I am grateful for friends, my church family and my new La family church family
    I am grateful that I am able to Live Out Victories Everyday in word and deed (LOVE)

  21. 1) I am grateful for the aptitude I have to get my job done and well. It affords me the opportunity to examine other areas of my life where I can apply the same diligence.

    2) I am grateful for each one of my 5 sons who are all healthy and doing well.

    3) I am grateful for my liver; it does an extremely wonderful job at filter and purification and ridding my body of all things toxic and polluted.

  22. I am thankful that I woke up this morning with no cold! I am thankful that I can pay my bills this morning. I am thankful for my former students who have come back to help my current students. Way to go alum.

  23. Day 4:

    1. I’m deeply grateful for the positive changes I’m seeing in my life. All kinds of wonderful things are finding their way into my life and I’m ready.

    2. I’m super thankful that I have my eyesight and my insight. My eyes function properly and I’m awake to the things my third eye is revealing to me.

    3. I’m eternally grateful to Rev. Della for her leadership, her love and her patience. Thank You God for leading me into her care and instruction.

    – Rev. Sherri

  24. I am Thankful for Peace of Mind. I am Thankful for a warm house! I Am Thankful For My UP Church Family!
    I Am Thankful for my Son’s trainings, doctors.

  25. I am grateful for life, my mind, vibrant health, and a loving spirit.

    I am grateful for divine happenings and appointments. I have met some wonderful people through unexpected channels and continue to meet wonderful like-minded individuals.

    I am grateful for the ability to feel love, be loved, and to ‘blush’. I forgot what blushing felt like – that warm sensation in your chest. Butterflies. I am alive.

  26. I am thankful that I was able to get out of my bed unassisted this morning.
    I am thankful that I have dependable transportation.
    I am thankful that I have enough money to pay my bills.

  27. I am grateful for my mind being clear and working for me today and every day.
    I am grateful for Upchurch and the classes that have helped me to change my mine and understand who I am and whose I am.
    I am grateful for my intuition, helps keep me on track when I pay attention):

  28. 1) I’m thankful that I was able to cheerfully pay my rent in full and on-time today! Too often this was taken for granted!

    2)I’m grateful for our transportation that gets us everywhere we need and want to go.

    3) I am grateful for my growth, spiritually and emotionally where I can discriminate in the places and things to which I give my energy!

  29. 1. Grateful that I am able to trample through the leaves with my 2 year old grandson.
    2. Grateful I can talk to my neighbors.
    3. Grateful to be able to feel the wind blow.

  30. Day 5:

    1. I’m super grateful that I have my car back after a major repair.

    2. I’m deeply thankful for the expression of love in my life.

    3. I’m grateful for keen hearing-both inwardly and outwardly. I AM attuned to the voice of God within. And that helps me listen correctly to what I hear outwardly.

    – Rev. Sherri

  31. Day 1
    I Am grateful for medical treatment for my husband.
    I am grateful for the I Am presence within my life; I Am the answer I seek.
    I Am grateful for the love in my life.

  32. Day 1

    1. I am thankful and grateful for Life Expressing as ME!

    2. I am grateful for freedom to do what I want.

    3. I am grateful for a loving significant other.

  33. 1 – for the SAG National callback I got today!! 2 – for the ability to give up past limitation!!
    3 – to know that I can trust the process …

  34. I am grateful for my knees and legs being pain free.
    Not long ago doctors said my knees were bone on bone and the only way was to have knee replacement surgery.
    i said no thanks. God is showing off. I found surgery free answers.
    I am grateful being able to find 4 beautifl blankets to give to the church for the blanket drive.
    I am grateful for the big pot of soup I made, its tasty and comforting.
    Praise God from all Blessings Flow!!!

  35. I thank God for vision to see the beauty in all my affairs and experiences.
    I thank God for more than enough clothing to cover my body.
    I thank God that I was able to retire from my profession.

  36. 1. Grateful I am able to change my mind
    2. Grateful for my family and friends.
    3. Grateful for Rev. Gatewood

  37. Day 2
    I give thanks for
    1. The roof over my head.
    2. The warmth of my home.
    3. The wonderful man I’m married to.

    Something insanely wonderful will happen to me today!

  38. D-2
    1- I am grateful to be able to have extended time for peaceful Meditaions and study each and every morning.

    2. I am grateful for the return of my car – 29 days in the shop and having insurance to cover damage done by a hit and run driver!

    3. I am so so grateful that my precious grandson was not in the car when the accident occurred- had just dropped him off! Praise GOD

  39. Various Days of things I made the mental note of to type here from Danna Kiel and The Kiel House (Ali):

    That my classmate John Downey gifted me with the Ernest Holmes Scientific Prayer Book

    How diligently Ali is working to improve his grade in Science and That it is moving Up

    That one of the young lady students (Rochelle) held the door for me to walk through at a school where I work

    That 2 accounts we service paid our company in a timely manner

    That my colleague reminded me of my diligence and focus when I taught chess to special needs students. My belief in myself was RENEWED.

    Teaching first graders twice this week and learning what works well and what could be improved.

    Teaching 1st Grade students and hearing their ENTHUSIASTIC and GRATEFUL reflections from what I taught them in Kinder and the activities we did this week. Every sentence began with Coach KEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIL

    The plethora of shifts I/we had from praying some of the prayers from the Ernest Holmes book everyday week

    That I was thinking of s good friend and church member and that I was thinking specifically to text her and check in and before I could reach out she sent me a text that she was ‘thinking about me’

    That as I had my daily random conversation with one of my best friends, she mentioned that her cousin had repaired the heater but that she could smell Gas. She went on to say she didn’t know what to do. I simply said ‘call your cousin and tell him!’ She did he came back an there was a leak and he repaired it. I was honored and GRATEFUL that what seemed like a simple suggestion made all the difference for her household that night. Her cousin also admonished her to call if she smelled anything else.

    Grateful to try out saying ‘Thank You’ more than I normally do and I learned that no matter how much you think you say it…saying it more makes you FEEL better and truly see more!

    Thank you for my audible app on my phone and listening to books on audio this week. I was invigorated, renewed and enthused from the words of the narrators!

  40. Day 6:

    1. I’m grateful for my resilience. Under extreme pressure, I do not buckle. I continue to deliver my best work.

    2. I’m grateful for my friends. They keep me grounded no matter what is happening around me.

    3. I’m grateful for all the insanely amazing things that have happened for me this week! Unexpected cash! Expressions of love from unexpected places! Unexpected wardrobe additions at no cost to me!

    – Rev. Sherri

  41. Day 6 I am grateful for the grain and plants that heal and nourish my body
    I am grateful to the men and women who harvest the grains and plants daily
    I grateful for peaceful sleep

  42. I am grateful for being off today, so I could spend time with my loving husband.
    I am grateful for my commutation devices: Cellphone ,tablet, and computer to keep me connected with friends and family no matter where they live.
    I am grateful for the beautiful poinsettias flowers that I have to grace my home this season.

  43. 1) I am grateful for the friends that assist me with getting my children to and from school safely every day.
    2) I’m grateful for the flexibility that I have at my job.
    3) I’m grateful for my children.

  44. 1. Grateful that I have a church home where I can service.
    2. Grateful I hear.
    3. Grateful that I can read.

  45. Day 7:

    1. I’m grateful for quiet early mornings before Jordan wakes up. I get to think and just be, even for a few minutes.

    2. I’m grateful for fun parties and the chance to laugh and giggle and enjoy myself.

    3. I’m grateful for Sundays! I get to see the people I care about most. I’m guaranteed to get at least 10 hugs…minimum. I know I’m going to hear amazing voices! I know I’m going to be fed an amazing soul meal!

  46. Day6:
    I am grateful for a wonderful blessed day in God’s glory Iam grateful my pastor was blessed with another earth day. I grateful for eyes to see Gods beauty around me through the creative of artists who make paint come alive , and ears to sing the hymns and songs of praise to God I grateful for laughter that brings joys to the heart and tears of joy when words can’t’ don’t often express Gods glory.

  47. I received a text from a friend who said her mom said my pecan pie was the best she’d ever tasted

    I was grateful to serve with the usher board at Church today during the offering

    I was grateful to receive a wonderful Bible study book from John. I am grateful for the ah-mazing study materials that John prepared for the Children and how diligently he keeps Rev Della’s teachings alive through his preservation and organization of all the materials he’s received.

    I was grateful for the Holy Spirit’s presence in church service through the song and the message.

    I was grateful to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit today during my class. Being open to spirit lifted my presentation to new heights and lifted an old lesson to new heights of understanding in me. So grateful for the Bible 2 class session. I felt more equipped to respond to the happenings of life and to remember to be grateful for growth.

    I am grateful to watch Ali become more independent in his thinking and not have to be constantly reminded.


  48. I’m so grateful for Up church, its leadership team, teachers, founder and members.

    I’m grateful for the music Ministry, everyone who has helped to make the church so wonderful over the years. I’m also grateful for Lindy, the ushers and so many others that make UP such a blessing to me and Humanity.

  49. 1) I am grateful for having more than enough, even when it looks like a little.

    2)I am grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing; to have a heart so generous to where I can and have literally given the shoes off my feet.

    3) I’m grateful for the blessings disguised as tragedy; the not-so-good-feeling things, because they all brought me to this exact moment. I love me!

  50. I am grateful for the car I’m driving now.
    I was in a car acident in August and iit is still
    repaired. A friend is letting me drive her car and just pay the note. Otherwise I would be paying 3 times as much for a rental.

    I am grateful that I can drive, that is something my mother never learned.

    I am grateful God’s Divine protection as I drive.
    Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!

  51. Day 4
    I Am grateful for:
    1. A heart that loves and holds dear my friends and family.
    2. Eyes to see the love and beauty surrounding me.
    3. Blankets to keep me warm.

  52. D3

    1) i am thankful for a cuddly overnight with my grandson- his joy is soooo contagious .

    2) I am grateful to be able to share metaphysical truth with my grandson through attending church with me.

    3) I am grateful for the Abundance of the Universe- my oneness with it and manifestations from it NOW!!!

  53. D4

    1) grateful for awakening in my right mind, with energy, vitality and a sense of joyful expectation.

    2). Tender loving talks with my adult daughters.

    3) Grateful for a home that is oonsidered always home – safe – peaceful & loving.

  54. Day 8:

    1. I’m so glad that I have somewhere clean and safe to lay my head at night. I don’t have to wonder whether I will be safe. I know that I AM.

    2. I’m really thankful for my washing machine. Whenever I need to clean anything, I can handle it a mere few steps away from my bedroom.

    3. I’m even more thankful for second bedroom. I’m able to put my work in a separate location than my sleeping quarters. So my bedroom is able to be an oasis.

    – Rev. Sherri

  55. 1. For days like today when I can work in front of and behind the scenes on TV!! 2. For GREAT friends. 3. FOR the INCREASE that I AM!!

  56. I am so grateful for my Rainbow vacuum cleaner, together we worked to prepare the house for the holidays. I am grateful everything is so fresh and so clean.
    I am grateful for the phone call I got today from my granddaughter in Germany, she and her husband are expecting their first child. It will be my 4th grate grand child.

  57. 1.This morning I am grateful to wake up in my own bed after a restful night’s sleep.
    2. I am so grateful husband who does all he can to provide for me.
    3. Grateful for the gift of discernment supports me in making better choices.

  58. Day 5
    1. I Am grateful for my body expressing perfect health.
    2. I Am grateful for my legs to walk.
    3. I Am grateful for my hands and all the wonderful things they do for me.

  59. Day 9:

    1. I’m deeply grateful for the consciousness of gratitude being built in my heart. I know what this means long time and I am so grateful for the wisdom to follow through. Thanks God.

    2. I am grateful for the delicious coffee I am drinking right now. I appreciate being able to warm myself when it’s cold outside. I appreciate having the resources to do that.

    3. I am thankful for the way that Spirit expresses through people. I love the different kinds of creativity found in the world. As I listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas classic, I am reminded that something timeless is meant to come through all of us. For that, I am deeply grateful.

    – Rev. Sherri

  60. I am thankful for another day to express all that I can be.
    I am thankful for this computer technology that allows us to share our thoughts.
    I am thankful for the prayer ministry that knows the words of comfort in my time of my forgetfulness.

  61. Day 7
    I am grateful,
    1.For being a light and inspiration all humanity
    2.That my mind is able to stretch beyond all limitations and open to new and different adventures.
    3. that everything and everyone is a miracle

  62. Day 9
    I am grateful for answered prayer, a dear friend that is more like a brother had to go through a surgery today. Family and friends have been praying for absolute good. We got the news today that the surgery was a success.
    I am grateful for time in my day to go to the quite place and just be with God. As I was praying today He gave me such peace that I fell asleep for a moment, when I woke up I felt revived and full of energy.
    I am grateful for my friend that came by the house to have coffee and get started on doing the gratitude journey with us.

  63. Day 8: I am grateful that the Holy Spirit nourish my consciousness and my soul, a wonderful feeling running through my body. The gift of joy in seeing a golden sunset. Grateful for being able to hearing the rain tapping at the window and the morning birds singing; The rainbows and butterflies and all God’s creatures both large and small

  64. Day 10:

    1. I’m so thankful for the 20 UNEXPECTED blankets received yesterday! I was blown away.

    2. I’m grateful for clean sheets. I’m grateful for some place nice to clean and safe to sleep.

    3. I’m deeply grateful for my expanding bond with God. This connection is so precious.

  65. D5

    I am grateful for date nights with my hubby.

    Grateful for touching and thoughtfully made movies without excess violence.

    I am so grateful for great physical workouts!

  66. DAY 9
    I am grateful for the power of forgiveness, I have to practice this power daily. I Have learned to do this so it won’t build up and fester as a resentment so I go free.
    I am grateful for my journal. I make it a habit to write about the good that happens in my life so when things get a little rough it can look back on the successes and know in the end I always win.
    I am grateful for my voice, I sometime sing praise songs in the shower.
    One song is :Holy Spirit comforter of thee you are inside and all around me.

  67. I am grateful for:
    1) having food to eat today….not just food to eat in general, but food to eat today! I know what it’s like to not know where your next meal will come from, but to trust that it WILL come.

    2) for my sister who I am now able to communicate with as a woman and not just my little sister who is 9 years younger than I. Life has provided us with so many experiences to where we can now relate as women, as mothers.

    3) for the skills and knowledge that I have gained so far in the mortgage industry that once put to work for me, can assist me in elevating myself financially.

  68. I am grateful for patience as I help my son with his English essay.
    I am grateful to have met a new soror at an event.
    I am grateful for being able to work from home this morning and focus on a project.

  69. 1.Grateful for the people who have been with me on this journey called life.
    2. Grateful for my brothers and sisters that have become apart of my family.
    3. Grateful for my ability to forgive myself and others.

  70. day 9
    I am grateful for this day, being able to have hot running water to refresh the body.
    I grateful for the opportunity to be in the present of great new thought leaders last night I listen to the interview with Rev Sherri and Rev Jones and “WOW” is just feed my soul so rich and powerful! I grateful I am just a 2 hr ride from Baltimore and have plans on being in the area over the next two weeks. Thanks Rev Sherri!!
    I am grateful for my car that is still running and getting me to and from my destination,I am grateful that I see and know a new vehicle is just waiting for me.

  71. Day 11

    1. I am grateful for my voice as a writer. I am grateful that I have something to say and the confidence to say it.

    2. I am grateful for the experience of giving away over 150 blankets to families served by Inglewood Unified School District. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something to make another person’s life better.

    3. I am grateful for a peaceful heart and an open mind in all things. I know that it keeps the possibility of growth available to me.

    – Rev. Sherri

  72. Day 10
    I am grateful for the small heater in my room, I don’t have to heat the whole house to warm up my room.
    I am grateful for the self check out at Target, the lines were long and I could speed through by helping my self.
    I am grateful for the reusable grocery bags I had in the car so I wouldn’t have to purchase more bags.

  73. D6
    I am grateful for spiritual understanding that moves me out emotional error thinking.

    Grateful for MBH, always lifts my spirit, while adjusting any error, or stinking thinking!

    I am grateful to have the wisdom of the ONE -GOD AT MY BECK AND CALL , 24/7! Amen

  74. Day 7
    1. I Am grateful I got to hug my half brother yesterday. I have not seen him in decades.
    2. I Am grateful for friendship.
    3. I Am grateful for safe travels in bad weather.

  75. 1.Grateful for the Light the in me that shines out and touches others.
    3. Grateful I can always begin again.
    3. Grateful for the gift of discernment.

  76. Day 10
    Grateful the all financial channels are now free to me, Divine substance now manifests for me.
    Grateful for the extra time of rest and meditation
    Grateful for the $100 credit that is on my utility bill.

  77. DAY 11

    I AM GRATEFUL for the look on my husbands face when I told him we were going to Stevie Wonder’s Christmas concert. He has all his music but had never see him in concert.
    I am GRATEFUL that reguardless to it being a large crowd we were able to find good parking.
    I Am GRATEFUL we had a safe trip home.

  78. 1.Grateful for fb and all social media that keeps me connected to friendsnear and far.
    2. Grateful for the opportunity to share my words of gratitude during this challenge on this site.
    3. Grateful that no matter what is going on I am anchored to God.

  79. Day 13

    1. I’m grateful for a successful Christmas party. We were able to live on the men, women and children who make UP Church happen all year long.

    2. I’m grateful for the delicious sleep I got after the party. It’s been a full week. So it felt great to wind down and rest.

    3. I’m grateful for my heart – literally and metaphorically.

    – Rev. Sherri

  80. Day 14

    1. I am grateful for my five senses. I am able to hear, see, smell, taste and touch without any problems. My five senses help me interact with the physical world and I am grateful.

    2. I am grateful for my fingers and toes. They are in good health. None have ever been broken or needed any type of medical attention.

    3. I am grateful for my feet. They are in good health and support me. I am able to stand without assistance. I am able to walk and run without assistance. I have great feet and I appreciate them!

    – Rev. Sherri

  81. DAY 12
    This day I am grateful for the little snow we had in North Jersey
    I grateful for new friend I met
    I grateful for my hand that were able to can paint and move freely.

  82. I am Grateful for a truly insanely amazing weekend, A concert on Friday night, Granddaughters graduation at 9am Saturday morning, a celebration luncheon afterward and my company party at 6pm, And I enjoyed the Amazing service at church on Sunday.
    I am Grateful for the energy that was provided by God to do all the thing I had to do, and go without looking or feeling tired.
    I am Grateful I didn’t have to be concerned about what to wear, it all worked out in Divine order.
    Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow!

  83. 1. Grateful that I know to pray at all times.
    2. Grateful for my loving and supportive husband.
    3. Grateful that I know and realize no is an acceptable answer.

  84. Day 15

    1. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep. I appreciate waking up and not fighting the urge to sleep a little longer.

    2. I’m so glad that I will get to spend Christmas in LA. No rushing through airports, enduring long TSA lines, lugging a car seat from car to terminal and back. Instead, I will be peacefully nestled in my home with my family.

    3. I’m thankful for the Henleys and their beautiful contribution to yesterday’s service. They were absolutely remarkable!

    – Rev. Sherri

  85. I am Grateful for UP Church teacher Danna Kiel, she is a blessing to the children. My grandson DeAngelo is in her class and he loves his class so much he talks about it all week.
    I am grateful that DeAngelo’s sister came to church with us because he seem to be having such a good time she wanted to see what is was all about for herself.
    I am Grateful that I am patient and loving and enjoy having the kids hang with me.

  86. 1. Grateful for my a warm place to lay me head.
    2. Grateful for love.
    3. Grateful for my ability to see beyond what is appearing.

  87. day 14
    I am grateful for a daily change of clothing
    I grateful for hot and cold running water
    I grateful to have a washer and dryer and not have to lugging cloths to the laundromat.

  88. I am Grateful for running water. Sometimes I take it for granted but on a visit to Cabo San Lucas we found that water in the residential area is turned of at 6pm because of the drought, but the hotels and resorts still have water.
    I am Grateful for my manual toothbrush,my electric toothbrush, and the coconut oil I use to take care of my teeth.
    I am Grateful for gaining new information daily to improve my health and well-being.


  89. Day 17

    1. I’m so thankful that I woke up before my alarm. I got a few extra minutes to chat with God and get my head right for the day.

    2. I’m grateful for Rev. Sheree -my friend, my colleague, my dependable buddy.

    3. I’m so glad that I have nice clothes to wear. They fit well. They look pretty. They keep me warm during this cold holiday season.

    – Rev. Sherri

  90. Day 8
    1. I Am grateful for Rev. Sherri
    2. I Am grateful for all my spiritual mentors
    3. I Am grateful for books.

  91. I am Grateful for my friend I call Aunt Liz, today is her 92nd birthday.
    I am Grateful for my sense of smell, oh the joy of smelling fresh baked bread and cakes for this time of year.
    I am Grateful for taste buds so I can savor the goodness of food each day, but more so during this holiday season.

  92. 1. Grateful my mother Elaine Bowen.
    2. Grateful for my ability to adjust.
    3 Grateful Dr. Pulley’s Mid week Inspiration.

  93. Day 18

    1. I’m so glad that I have a reliable alarm to wake me in the mornings.

    2. I AM thankful for the gift of a 3am meditation – waking unexpectedly and having the opportunity to commune with God before returning to sleep.

    3. I AM grateful for clarity of purpose, which helps me work with greater intensity and intention. I AM grateful for the privilege of being one of God’s PR agents!

    – Rev. Sherri

  94. I am grateful that God chose me to radiate His love to touch everyone I come in contact with.
    I am grateful for my nice jacket to keep me dry in the rain.
    I am grateful for my uniforms I wear daily, don’t have to concern myself with what I should wear daily to work.

  95. 1. Grateful to be a part of Angel Wings ministry supporting families.
    2. Grateful for a good cup of coffee.
    3. Gratefull for Peace of mind.

  96. Day 19

    1. I’m grateful for the blood that courses through my veins without me being to remind my heart, arteries and blood vessels to work.

    2. I’m grateful for eyes that see, ears that hear, a nose that smells, fingers that touch and a tongue that tastes. My senses are alert on every level.

    3. I’m so glad that I don’t have to remind my cells to regenerate. On their own, they carry on the work of manifesting me!

    – Rev. Sherri

  97. 1. Greateful that even though I do not currently have a car I am able to get from point a to b with.ease.
    2. Grateful for my health.
    3. Grateful Debra Smith.

  98. I am Grateful for the Post Office,
    I am Grateful for the Christmas cards and letters ,
    Yes I am Grateful for the bills I’ve received and God provision to pay them on time.
    I am Grateful for the money to paid my tithes.
    I am Grateful that no matter how much I give, I can’t beat God Giving.
    I am Grateful for the trickle down affect, many people in my life have benefited from this exercise of daily gratitude by creating their own list,

  99. Day 20

    1. I’m grateful for the planning that’s happening for UP Church’s 2017. It feels good. It’s not the easiest thing to do but it is looking like something worthwhile.

    2. I’m grateful for my heart, which functions properly and doesn’t require any machine to operate. I don’t have to remind it to do what it is supposed to do. I am deeply grateful for a healthy body.

    3. I’m grateful for being able to pay my house note in January! Can’t say enough good stuff about that! I am over the moon that I’ve been given a second chance – actually a third chance – with this mortgage. And, this time will be different because I’ve learned the lessons so I can have the blessing! Thanks God!

    – Rev. Sherri

  100. Day 21

    1. I’m grateful for my heated blanket. It kept me warm while I slept and keeps me warm even now as I work on items needed for UP Church.

    2. I’m grateful for the little changes and shifts that gratitude expressed is making in my heart and mind. I am being changed at my core, one thank you, one I appreciate you, one I’m grateful for you at a time.

    3. I’m grateful for my strong bones. Over many years, this body has not only held up, it has thrived. Through many circumstances – adverse weather, less than ideal eating habits, unexpected trauma – my body has withstood all manner of pressure and NEVER broken – not even once.

    4. I’m grateful for the beautiful clothes I get to wear every day. I have something beautiful to adorn my body with everyday.

    5. I’m grateful for the pomegranate – one of my favorite fruits. It may be a challenge to eat but it’s delicious and I love it!

    6. I’m grateful for warm socks on a cold morning.

    – Rev. Sherri

  101. Day 17
    I grateful for phlebotomy technicians who pay close attention in drawing my blood because I have very small veins. grateful to be in fellowship with family and friends in celebrations and special moments birthdays, major events.
    I grateful for for amazing chiefs who prepare creative dishes for holiday events.

  102. day 18
    I am grateful to donors who make magic in the eyes of a child
    I am grateful designers and costume makers who create magic on a theater stage ( nutcracker, Christmas)
    I am grateful for my toes, my feet are able to move with ease.

  103. Day 19
    I am grateful for a wonderful day of praising God,followed by a milestone celebration with a dear friend.
    I am grateful for Gods traveling protection to and from the celebration.
    I am grateful I was able to move with purpose and able to be a beckon of light to other and every thing was in perfect harmony.
    Praise God for the many Blessings!

  104. 1. I’m thankful for the wonderful family God has blessed me with. I love the way we respect each other without any judgment of any kind. I’m grateful for the amazing support system I have in my family.
    2. I’m grateful for my health. Each day I get up feeling amazing and with plenty of energy to keep me going throughout the day.
    3. I’m grateful for my finances. I do not lack anything and I’m able to not only pay my bills in a timely manner, but give to others from my overflow.
    4. I’m thankful and grateful for my church family. I have found a place that is not only full of wonderful people, who care for each other, but a church that has a fantastic message to share each and every Sunday. I’m thankful for Rev. Sherri and Rev. Sheree because they are a wealth of wisdom coming directly from the Almighty.

  105. Day 20
    I am grateful for my mom Mary Agnes Barnwell of 90 years who still have that baking magic, yesterday she made rolls for her children and grands.. I am happy to enjoy hot roll with a cup of tea this evening..Thank you God!
    I grateful for the book of Wisdom Proverbs 3:3 Do not let loyalty and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck,write them on the tablet of your heart. I was meditating on this passage today and my faith is far more than I can fathom.
    I grateful for extra funds to get a manicure and pedicure

  106. Day 21
    I am grateful God was able to use me to support a elderly friend who is often overwhelmed in navigating her medical affairs.. I was able to help her organize her medical in a note book with dividers by each specialist, a calendar to keep the date in clear view and helped her create a list of a her med.
    I am grateful for sporting events who support communities of children and families.
    I am grateful for Up Church and all the creative work is it does to support families and the community;
    I am grateful that they are able to help one stretch and grow in their biblical journey, I am grateful for all the variety of studies programs they have.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful challenge, and to be a gift of Love and Light to each of you this Holiday season.
    Praise God from who all Blessing Flow!

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