Every being has the Buddha Nature.  This is the self.

Mahaparinirvana Sutra 214

My thinking is my gift to the world.  Consciousness alone is the gift of life.  What I do for my fellowman is important, but what I think about him is more important.  My every mood is noted by those around me.  They sense my peace, but they can also sense my fear.  Today, all men shall find good in me, and peace emanating from me.  To this end I think rightly of God, of my fellowman and of the world in which I live.  I affirm every man’s right to be himself.  I affirm a spiritual wisdom in all people.  I affirm an essential goodness, born of God, in all whom I know.  I forgive easily, for I see the unimportance of evil.  I know a temporary hurt will always fall away.

A right mental attitude arises within me, and flows out from me to bless all who are in my world.  God is in my mind and heart and all things work together for good, the positive and the worth-while.  I am a tower of strength and a citadel of peace.  I share all that God is through my right thinking.  Dedicated to Truth, Light and Love, I let my light shine before men and glorify my Father which is in heaven within me.  All who contact me this day are healed, blessed and prospered.  They find in me an example of a true spiritual enthusiast.

God’s joyous Spirit in me prevents any emotional depression.  There is no gloom where Divine ideas act with authority.  My smile is sincere and my handclasp is firm.  I walk uprightly and face God in every face I see. My work is easy and my burden is light, for I am relying on God’s Truth at the center of my being.  I cause no fear, and reveal no inner tension.  There is peace in my soul, and I reflect it automatically.  Releasing good in all directions I rejoice, give thanks and am glad.  All good is where I am, and I drink deeply of the living waters of Truth. This Divine Completion makes the world a better place, and my fellowman a finer person.  I radiate God.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker


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