Whatever then doth live, oweth its immortality unto the Mind, and most of all doth man, he who is both recipient of God, and coessential with Him.

Thrice-Greatest Hermes

I accept a Divine Purpose for my life.  Intelligence brought me forth at the righttime to do a right work in these present days. This is my right generation, and around me are my own people.  I do not regret the past, nor do I postpone the future.  I see now as the only time,and this day as my only opportunity to release God into my world through right thinking and living.  These present hoursare my tools of Divinity.  My thinking is in accord with the mind of God.  My actions are in accord with the Divine Plan of my life.  I radiate love, live in peace and think God’s thoughts.  I fulfill my destiny, and be what God created me to be.

As a spiritual being, I live with wisdom and in health.  I know that Life will use me for the good of all, and at the same time for the profit of my own ventures.  My own good limits no one, and makes me more able to help my fellowman. I do a better job when I am thinking positively.  I give greater love and affection to others as I see my own indwelling Spirit in action. All my faculties are outlets for Him who creates me, and wonderful results right where I am.  I am Spiritand I am Truth.  My mind is a holy vessel for the transmission of God’s ideas.  My body glows with God’s victorious Life. My environment is pregnant with Good, and Love flows to me from all whom I know.

I sense my spiritual importance.  I lose my false sense of human importance.  Knowing my Divinity, my human ego retires to its right functioning.  My only boast is that His Mind now acts through me.  This is true consecration to Truth.  Letting go of all material pettiness, I become the greatness of God.  Releasing the untrue and the unworthy, I accept Ideas which transform me and all my affairs.  I prosper as never before.  I never again shall know illness or defeat.  All that is as nothing, for God in me is all in all.  I have the victorious attitude, and I bring forth my demonstrations in order and ease.  God made me, and I like His creation.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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