O ye who believe!  You have charge over your own souls.

The Koran

The Creative Process which gave me life expects me to use it rightly.  My life is not of my own making, it has a destiny and a purpose.  I turn confidently to the Source of my being and let It reveal why I am here and what It has planned for me to do. The Life which gave me birth must know how to produce in me and through me what it has in Mind. I am not an accident of birth.  My appearance in these times is part of a Divine Plan and a Divine Design.  In my present world, right where I am, I have a mission and a purpose.  I now let the Mind which created me out of Itself reveal to me my purpose and what I should do today.  In the minutest details of today I shall fulfill the reason for my being.

I accept my responsibility to think rightly about myself, my fellowman and the world in which I live.  Within me great ideas are being born, and I let them manifest in my mind, body and affairs.  I do not pollute them with fear or doubt.  I see them as Divine in origin and possible in expression.  Coming from God they move through me into form.  I behold my fellowman as free, and I no longer impose my viewpoints upon him.  I know that God in him will lead him into right ways of success and happiness.  I have no condemnation for the world in which I live.  God made it, and knows how to operate it.  I live in the world with ease rejoicing in the good it has for me.

There is so much that is heavenly and perfect in my life.  I see this, believe this and increase this.  As I accept the responsibility to act and react as a spiritual being, I find all life co-operating with me.  No more strain to succeed, no more trying to make things happen.  My only duty is to let the Action of God take place through me, and this I do.  My right place is always where I am, and my right work is to do the will of Him who sent me.  Freely I give my whole mind over to the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Power.   

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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