Summer Spiritual Education Classes 2024

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The Infinite Power to Be Rich

Do you have a pressing need is for money, and are seeking to claim the riches life has in store for you?  Do you who want immediate results and are willing to put into application some simple down-to-earth techniques? Then this class is for you.

Study and take action and you will open the way for yourself in grander, finer, happier, richer, and nobler living.

Date: Sundays at 1 p.m. Pacific beginning June 23, 2024

Teacher: Rev. John Downey, III

Required Text: The Infinite Power to be Rich by Joseph Murphy. Available on Amazon.

Bible 6: New Testament Metaphysical, Part 2

Learn the tools and techniques to find the deeper meaning in the scripture in this hands-on metaphysical Bible study course. We will cover the metaphysical teachings of Jesus, and focus on Acts through Revelation.

Date: Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Pacific beginning June 25, 2024

Teacher: Rev. Sheree Thompson

Required Text: Be Ye Transformed by Elizabeth Sand Turner; Book can be purchased on Amazon.

Supplemental texts: Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore; and Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore

The Dynamic Laws of Prayer

Are you ready to uncover the dynamic laws of prayer? Prayer deals primarily with the states of mind and laws of mental activity that rule your world. Prayer changes your mentality; it first changes your thinking as it calms, uplifts and renews you. This is one of the purposes of prayer — to change your thinking, which in turn changes your world. Unlock these laws in this powerful class. 

Date: Saturdays at 9 a.m. Pacific beginning June 29, 2024

Teacher: Angela Jones

Required Text: Dynamic Laws of Prayer by Catherine Ponder – The book can be purchased on Amazon.

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Grow with UP Church Fall 2023

Basic Truth Principles 1 – Becoming a New Thought Christian – Sundays at 3-4:30 p.m. PT

Required Texts: The New Thought Christian by William Warch and Alternatives by William L. Fischer (purchase on Amazon)

There is a quiet revolution taking place throughout the world which is in reality a sign of spiritual growth. Many people are breaking away from traditional dogmatic religious beliefs. These people seek a new definition of God, Christ, and Holy Spirit. Some have discovered new ways of thinking new thoughts on God which make common sense.

This course is an exploration of what it means to be a New Thought Christian.  It is an in-depth study of the basic principles espoused by the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary and all UFBL churches, including Understanding Principles for Better Living (UP Church).  It includes the origin and history of New Thought and UFBL leading to a better understanding of the principles one should apply in order to live the abundant life of which Jesus spoke.

Bible 4 – Old Testament, Metaphysical Interpretation, part 2Tuesdays at 6-7:30 p.m. PT

Bible 4 is a study of the metaphysical meaning of the characters and the events of the Old Testament and their relationship to our attitudes and consciousness. This course covers the Old Testament from the allegories of Genesis to the Solomon and the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  

Required Text: Let There Be Light by Elizabeth Sand Turner; Book can be purchased from instructor or on Amazon.

Supplemental texts: Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore; and Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore

Fall 2021 Classes – Register Today

Make Spiritual Growth Your Priority

Join us for Spiritual Education classes for 2021. Classes are held online via Zoom and begin on October 3. The registration fee is $15

Learn more about our program here.

NEW Workshop: The Power of Denials

Saturday, November 6 from 9-11 a.m. Pacific OR Sunday, November 7 from 7-9 a.m. Pacific

Facilitated by Jack Roberts

Denials are sometimes misunderstood and often overlooked.  But the truth is, they are one of the most dynamic tools that you can choose to change consciousness.  With the power of denials you can experience more peace, better outcomes and faster results.
In this transformative 2-hour workshop you’ll also learn:

• Why denials is not sticking your head in the sand but actually a reality check.
• How denials help you get free from unconscious beliefs that are getting in your way.
• How using denials sets the stage for truly effective affirmations.
• And more

Catch this exciting workshop on Saturday OR Sunday and learn how to effectively use this powerful spiritual tool.


Spiritual Principles for Lasting Weight Loss

Sundays from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. (October 3 – December 19)

Facilitated by Rev. Sheree Thompson

Has the ability to maintain your perfect weight eluded you? Many of us learn the physical steps to lose weight. Others even learn to change habits and behaviors. This course will focus on the spiritual principles needed to achieve and maintain your perfect weight. Join us and be informed, encouraged, inspired and incited to be your real self: whole, perfect and complete!

Required Text: A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson

Elective in Masters Certificate Program – 2 credits


Bible 3: Old Testament Metaphysical Interpretation

Sundays from 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (October 3 – December 19)

Facilitated by John Downey, III

Bible 3 is a study of the metaphysical meaning of the characters and the events of the Old Testament and their relationship to our attitudes and consciousness. This course covers the Old Testament from the allegories of Genesis to the Solomon and the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. 

Required Texts: Let There Be Light by Elizabeth Sand Turner; 

Supplemental Texts: Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore; Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore

Required course in the Masters Certificate Program – 3 credits

Fall 2020 Class Registration

Our Fall 2020 Classes begin October 4. There is a one-time registration fee of $15 per course.

Basic Truth Principles 1 – Journey to Workshops

Sundays at 3 p.m. Pacific

Are you trying to cram the Truth into your old way of thinking? Putting new wine into old wine skins? This course is centered on expanding your understanding of God, Jesus and yourself and understanding fully what it means to be a New Thought Christian.
Teacher:  John Downey and Tommie Milner
Texts: New Thought Christian by William Warch and Alternatives by William Fischer
3 credit in Masters Certificate Program (BTP 1)

A Time to Heal

Mondays at 6 p.m. Pacific

Are you ready for your healing? We are coming together to be healed and serve an eviction notice to the garbage thoughts that clutter our minds and destroy our bodies. You will learn the principles of healing and then work the principles of healing.
Teacher:  Danna Kiel and Jack Roberts
Text: Healing Letters by Myrtle Fillmore
3 credit in Masters Certificate Program (Healing)

The Art of Demonstration Workshop Registration

The Art of Demonstration: Get Your “But” Out the Way

The Art of Demonstration workshop is a fun, interactive learning experience that will provide spiritual food for both the new or seasoned student.  In this workshop, we will work with Truth Principles to help the student get clear strategies for moving past obstacles to create the life they desire and deserve.

Facilitated by Jack and Saba Roberts

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 1-4 p.m.

Some of what we will teach: 

  • How thoughts become things
  • The truth about stumbling blocks, (“buts”) and how to  break through them.
  • The true art of demonstration.
  • The power of denials and affirmations
  • And  more.

Throughout the workshop we will refer back to the “New Thought Circle – Three phases of mind” to explain how the 5 Basic Principles of  Spiritual practice lead to demonstration .

What’s eating you? Join our Spiritual Feast – Unlock Your Treasure

We can be obsessed with our diets, grasping at the latest diet trend, trying to improve our physical condition. But what’s your mental diet? Are you feasting on the news? Are you feasting on what isn’t working in your life? Are you feasting on health challenges? You are what you eat.

You deserve a Spiritual Feast. Imagine spending a concentrated amount of time developing a spiritual practice, setting clear intention and praying and meditating on your dreams with a powerful, supportive community. Our Lenten programs are a true spiritual feast. For 6 years, we have offered these intense and unique spiritual experiences during Lent and other times of the year, and they get keep getting better.

Join our 2019 Lenten program, Unlock Your Treasure, and embark on a 46-day journey to help you discover your Treasure. We will work with the seven spiritual keys that will unlock the treasure within you and open the way for you to experience the true desires of your heart. We set the intention for victory! We begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 7 a.m. Pacific.

Curious about what’s in store? Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions or contact Rev. Sheree with questions.

Here’s what you need to do to get started.


The FULL kits can be shipped to you or picked up from UP Church. The Digital kits give you access to the calls and private Facebook Group. Purchase 3 kits and use the coupon code “3Keys” for $5 off of each.

If you run into any issues with paying, use the PayPal link or click here for alternate payment instructions.

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Click here to join or search on Facebook for Unlock Your Treasure – UP Church Lenten Journey 2019. The Facebook Group is for registered participants only.


If you purchased the full kit, click here to access the online classroom. Email if you have any challenges accessing the classroom.


After purchasing the kit, you will be able to immediately download a document with your access information. Email if you are unable to download the file.