Grant that these forms may penetrate within our hearts.

Atharva Veda

The mood of the infinite mind is one of love.  The action of intelligence takes place in loving ways.  What God hath wrought has been by means of love.  Knowing this, I realize that the Love of God uses me as a center of distribution.  If I let my mind be a center of God’s Intelligence, I must also let my heart be a center of His Love.  Living the life of Truth is a warm and joyous experience. I let God’s Ideas rule my mind, and I let God’s Love act through my heart.

There is nothing within me to impede the Love of the Spirit.  I now release all personal opinions about others.  I let go of all hurts and prejudices.  I let the full action of Divine Love act through me and be the basis of all human relationships.  I am unified with the good in every man, and all else becomes as nothing.  I have no interest in other people’s faults.  I keep my attention on the Divine Possibility within everyone I know. God’s Love is at the center of all, and It forever moves in perfect action through all.  I am blessed and prospered by Divine Love.  It enriches my soul and It prospers my consciousness.  It frees me from the errors of human judgment, and makes me to know that I am one with all good.

With love in my heart, I forgive and forget all untruth.  The true Spiritual Man is all I know of each person with whom I live, work and play.  All else is unimportant, for God’s Love in me is interested only in the good, the true and the perfect.  I think rightly, and I love greatly.  This Love flowing out from me is felt and recognized by others.  In turn they love me and judge me according to God’s standards.  I love to let Love express through me.  

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