APRIL 29   


If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them    John 13:17

I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God supports me in every right action.  I feel the sustaining power of Spirit flowing through me, and I act with authority.  I do those things which are pleasing to God and helpful to man.  The joy of true accomplishment is mine today.  I believe that God loves me, and His approval is all I need.  I am glad to be an outlet for the perfect action of a perfect Mind.

I have a purpose in living.  I was created to be a witness to the Truth, and I fulfill my destiny now.  Aware of God within me, aware of God around me, I act as a Son of God should act.  I do those things which are constructive and valuable.  I not only know the Truth, I act as the Truth.  I speak truth, think Truth and radiate Truth.  My world reacts to my consciousness and truth appears on all sides.  My way is easy and my problems are as nothing, for the Truth makes glad my way.

My destiny is to be a creative person in a universe which responds to my thought.  As a result of my conscious deliberations new and greater forms of good should and do appear.  My right thinking produces experiences that lift and heal my fellowman.  This I do, for it is my destiny to be a bringer of good tidings of great joy.

I delight in the magnificence of God’s universe.  I am glad that His Mind fashioned me out of Its own substance of good.  I realize that I must live in accordance with God and His perfect Law of mind action.  I do this, for it is the only permanent way of peace and true accomplishment.  

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