Apr 07 2015For his name’s sake   Psalm 23:3

I accept my Divine Destiny.  I accept that which God has planned for me.  I know that there is a pattern of good for my life.  This is true because the Infinite Mind has arranged it this way.  God acts by means of man.  God knows what man should be, and I am that man whom God has made in His own image and likeness.  Unto me is given the unlimited possibilities of good, because the Divine Mind acts through me.

As I live rightly, think greatly and love largely, I am a joy to God and a blessing to man.  I do this “for his name’s sake.”  I realize that to this end was I born, for this cause I came into the world – to bear witness to the Truth.  God in me is impelling me to right action.  God in me is inspiring my mind with right ideas.  I am alive with this Holy Presence.

I refuse to believe that I am flesh and blood subject to the whims of fate.  I arise in my Divine Selfhood and see that God alone rules my mind and heart.  The One Mind thinks as me; the One Love loves by means of me.  I am the spiritual activity of a Power which knows what It is doing and knows how to do it.  In the hands of Omniscience I rest in the full assurance of my eternal good.

In the midst of me is the Light of my world, and I let that Light shine. It created me in order to act through me.  I recognize my responsibility to do this for God today.  I know that as I do it the whole of God is backing me, and the Law of God is producing my good.  My present is filled with good; my future is secure in greater good; for God is on my pathway and I cannot fail.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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