He restoreth my soul

Psalm 23:3

I know that within me God is now in full action and I am made whole.  God created me, God maintains me, and when I need help His Mind restores me to wholeness.  Never for a single moment does the indwelling Spirit cease Its perfect action.  Always, It flows through my mind as right thinking, through my body as health, and through my world as order.  I recognize this perfect Divine Activity and allow It to restore me to wholeness.

In the Divine Mind there is a perfect pattern of my true self, and of my true self-expression.  This Spiritual design restores my soul, heals my body and prospers my affairs.  I have complete faith in God’s Plan for my life.  I give it my full thought and know that It is now blessing and benefiting me.  God’s Life is my life now and forevermore.  God’s peace is mine now and forevermore.  I relax and allow the action of God to move through me.

I am free of all frustration, for Divine Intelligence uses my mind as an open channel.  There is nothing in me to oppose the Good which God has already created for me.  I let It happen.  I am balanced and poised in the One Mind, and there are no impediments to the Divine Action.  There is within me that which impels me to right decision.  God moves me forward with ease.

The joy of the Lord is my joy this day, for I am restored in all my ways.  Strength, power and wisdom act within me.  I am renewed and all is well. I let go of yesterday, and I have no fear of tomorrow, for this day is God’s day in my life and affairs.  I am a whole person, expressing all that God is and has.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker





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